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Poem: But…God , 2019

Life you've made me Life you've made me cry Life you've made me sing Life you've made me rejoice Life you've made me long for more Life it is not you! but God Himself ! God you've made me unique God you've made me beautiful inside and out I honour you for being you I… Continue reading Poem: But…God , 2019

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Poem: Don’t! 2019

You promised that you will help me! Help me , please! Help this anxiety, flee! There is no space for you here This is not your home! I am free, for the Son has set me free! I am alive for He has died for me! I am resurrected for He has resurrected me! You… Continue reading Poem: Don’t! 2019

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Poem: Dear, Anxiety 2019

Dear Anxiety You think you've got me but you will NEVER get me!   I will breathe and be still I will breathe and be still for the Lord has said He'll never leave me nor forsake He will NEVER give me a burden to heavy to carry He will NEVER let me fall for… Continue reading Poem: Dear, Anxiety 2019