Soundless peace

How you awake my inner strength Is it the silence or the quiet with the maker? The mind as quiet as the night Quiet so serene Others enjoy the noise and collaboration The group think awaken by man Man that knows no different Silence is fuel to some Can you feel it? The energy awaken… Continue reading Soundless peace

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Invitation to Join the Quiet Revolution

Susan Cain’s 2014 TED Talk | Announcing the Quiet Revolution I cannot contain my excitement, the times are changing the wheel is turning. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi #Introverting

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What the world does not see – Thee Introvert Ideal

We live in an extroverted idealistic world. Where we think in groups, participate in groups, work in teams, take lunch together with others, work in open plan offices for cost savings, we have lift clubs to and from work, University classes are over 200 students per class and the list goes on. What about those… Continue reading What the world does not see – Thee Introvert Ideal