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Poem: Dear, Anxiety 2019

Dear Anxiety You think you've got me but you will NEVER get me!   I will breathe and be still I will breathe and be still for the Lord has said He'll never leave me nor forsake He will NEVER give me a burden to heavy to carry He will NEVER let me fall for… Continue reading Poem: Dear, Anxiety 2019

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Fam! I just wanted to say you must have a blessed Christmas and please enjoy your day wherever you are :)! I may be too late or too early but you know what I mean! Have awesome day fam!

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Poem: Thy Sea, 2018

Oh Lord, you measured the sea between your thumb and index finger So tranquil and serene 'swish swish swish Back and forth , Back and forth Oh Lord, you make ALL things beautiful further than the eye can see You stretch the ocean as far as the canvas of the sky Your creativity astounds me… Continue reading Poem: Thy Sea, 2018