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3 Simple Ways to Make Money in Cape Town

Let me be quite frank with ya’ll, everyone needs money and some just want money but whatever your reason for making more money its definitely worth it because you went to google for this! Another thing, are we all not just annoyed by searching for jobs that want to under pay us or we are… Continue reading 3 Simple Ways to Make Money in Cape Town

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Pictures say more than you think

‘A Picture says a thousand words’, we’ve heard this said a million times before. As I stood on Signal Hill, @Cape Town speechless by the beautiful view. It wasn’t the arrangement of the scattered clouds that warranted my attention neither was it the way the sunlight pierced the clouds. Was it the distant mountain tops… Continue reading Pictures say more than you think

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The mystery in the distance

I love the sea and every aspect of it. On one not so sunny day at Hout Bay beach and harbour in @Cape Town. I sat down on the side of the harbour wall, feet out in front of me. Admiring the deep blue of the sea, dangling my feet in the air above the… Continue reading The mystery in the distance