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On your knees is where the victory is, 2018

As I start to type this piece, whilst sipping on my rooibos (red bush) tea a thought crossed my mind. There's something nostalgic about sitting under a blanket and just sipping your tea. I have Lauren Daigle's 'This girl' blasting in the background as I reflect on what God has communicated to me this morning… Continue reading On your knees is where the victory is, 2018

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Poem: Yes and Amen, 2018

I've seen You live and walk I've seen You fall and rise I've seen You when darkness surrounded You I've seen You fight for me when others said NO, God's not real and alive I've seen You NEVER deny me I've seen You LOVE me, when it didn't make sense I've seen You give and… Continue reading Poem: Yes and Amen, 2018