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Poem: Dear, Anxiety 2019

Dear Anxiety You think you've got me but you will NEVER get me!   I will breathe and be still I will breathe and be still for the Lord has said He'll never leave me nor forsake He will NEVER give me a burden to heavy to carry He will NEVER let me fall for… Continue reading Poem: Dear, Anxiety 2019

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But God…

Oh so, Sovereign and Holy Lord You died so that we may live You died so that we may understand pure, true Love But God... He parted the seas from one side to another But God... Brought my enemies into confusion But God... Protected me with cloud But God... But God... But God... Almighty and… Continue reading But God…

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Poem: Cheer, 2019

As I walk in the unknown I see the light I see the light coming Thy light that brightens up my path Thy light that makes all things clear As I walk in the sunless valley of the shadow of death 'I will fear no evil My Lord is with me Thy Lord is mine… Continue reading Poem: Cheer, 2019