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Last Day of 2018

Thank you fam for everything! I cannot even describe how this platform has helped to keep me grounded, Thank you Jesus for this! To those reading this, know that you are important and there's someone out there that's missing you! There's someone out there that things about you every second of everyday! There is definitely… Continue reading Last Day of 2018

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Poem: Everything, 2018

You hold it all together But yet, they don't see Some see, others don't see You hold it all together You hold us together You keep us from crashing But yet, they don't see You keep the ocean from submerging us You keep the us stable You control everything You keep us sane even when… Continue reading Poem: Everything, 2018

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Poem:Christmas, 2017

Christmas, is so overrated But love the tradition People are nicer , more considerate I deemed it because of the 'season' Watch out for stress and turmoil Buy in advance, Save in advance It will save you blood sweat and tears But most of all remember the reason The reason for the season Remember the… Continue reading Poem:Christmas, 2017