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3 Simple Ways to Make Money in Cape Town

Let me be quite frank with ya’ll, everyone needs money and some just want money but whatever your reason for making more money its definitely worth it because you went to google for this!

Another thing, are we all not just annoyed by searching for jobs that want to under pay us or we are too over qualified for them. I dunno about ya’ll but I am just annoyed by it and let’s not forget to mention that people are either greedy or just plain cheap there is no in between anymore. What happened to the decent people like you and me?  

Let’s cut to the chase, here are 3 simple ways to make money in Cape Town.

  1. Selling old books to vintage book stores

If you’re old school and you have actual old fiction or non-fiction books laying around that you want to get rid of or they are just taking up space collecting dust and you end up shouting at them everyday “stop staring at me , you killing. I will read you soon”.  

There is a store in Tokai, called The Book Shoppe right outside of the family Pick n Pay store which is situated in the same complex as Synergy Pharmacy in Tokai. You can sell your second hand or brand new books to them. 

The owner of the store usually evaluates your books there and then or you can leave it there and they will give you a call to tell you how much your books are worth. I think,I went in with about 10 fiction books and received R100 for them, I know its not much but if that 100 bucks can get you out of a jam then who cares!

The Book Shoppe, 4.6 Star Google Rating, Shops 14 & 15 Tokai Junction, Corner of Main and Tokai roads, Tokai, 7945. Contact number : 021 713 1528.

2.  Selling things online

I use Gumtree and Facebook to sell things online. Again, if you have loads of stuff that you haven’t used in 3 – 6 months its best that you get rid of them and while you at it make a quick buck on the side because chances are if you haven’t used them in 3-6 months then you not ever going to use them. 

Create a free profile on gumtree with a legit e-mail address and contact number. Thereafter, you good to go! Create a free advert on gumtree with legit information,  be sure to post pictures, everyone likes pictures especially if the person is travelling from far to get to you. I’ve sold loads of stuff on gumtree; my old TangleWood guitar, tutoring lessons, brand new wireless mouse, old University textbooks,  just to name a few. I possibly made R5000 over a period of 2 years! Just be patient, the item(s) will sell, I promise.

On Facebook you can search for groups such as “Selling stuff Cape Town” you either request to join them or you can just post an advert depending on whether the groups are are public or private groups. It’s as easy as 1,2, 3 – just follow the prompts. I put my number on the adverts and mention that the buyer should either call me or can send me a message on Whats App. 

In the past 3 months I’ve sold goods amounting to R2000 via these selling stuff groups on Facebook! It’s definitely worth it, taking the time to type out these adverts. And don’t forget to add detailed pictures and post on multiple Facebook groups including the Marketplace to broaden your reach ! If you don’t know how to post to multiple groups, don’t worry Facebook’s got you – just follow the prompts!

3.  Selling Things at Thrift Markets

I love going to thrift markets! I’ve seen people sell everything from personal work of arts to leather jackets! And the things are cheap, and are of good quality. I’ve seen jewellery designers sell their own products and people rummaging through boxes of t-shirts which are going for R20 a t-shirt !

How it works, you e-mail the co-ordinator of the thrift markets and mention to her that you would like to have a pop up store at one of the thrift market locations within Cape Town. She responds via e-mail with more details relating to the booking, for example the costs,  the location and date of the next market etc.

You pay the fee via EFT and that’s it! You will need a table and a gazebo, if you would like an outside store but not to worry you can also hire them from the co-ordinator if you don’t have them!  I think the cost of a store is anything from R200 – R350 depending on the location and hiring of the equipment can vary from R60 – R200. 

It’s not much considering how much you’ll be making on that day! Locations of these markets include : Novalis Ubuntu Institute in Kenilworth, Sirocco Kalk Bay, Observatory Community Centre,  just to name a few!If you’re interested please contact : Laura via e-mail – 

In conclusion, it is possible to make more money in Cape Town you just have to be patient and keep in mind that these ideas work i.e. I’ve tried and tested them! If you have any questions , please feel free to e-mail – and good luck, you can do it!  



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