3 Things That Will Help You To see God In Everyday Life

Everyone is always asking me , how do I hear God or how do I see God because this is the way I generally speak:

The Lord was telling me to write again or to put away my shopping cart because it helps to curb laziness and passivity!

The truth is that, it’s really difficult for me to answer or explain to them because I’ve become so accustomed to seeking Him in everyday things that I had to slow down and ask, “God how do we answer this question”. And this was His response:

1. Nature

God is Mother Nature, God is in the air we breathe, He is birds of the air. So whenever I see a bird or a fish I know that God is near. For example, I went to the beach today and all I saw was seagull upon seagull. The sea was dirty but I knew that it would become clean after an hour or three just as we are “dirty” and then God comes and washes us clean with every wave of His love.



2. “I don’t know how I did it”

For me, I honestly don’t know how I got through high school or school in general. High school was the most demoralising thing on earth. You had the popular girls and guys; and there were all these social groups/clicks which I disliked with every fibre in my being!

I had a great group of friends and then suddenly I didn’t. I had a friend or two after that but the group of friends that I started high school with, suddenly did not want to be associated with me which left me clueless. But you know what, looking back I got through it with flying colours!



I don’t know how I did it because I didn’t do it! God did it! So those moments when you don’t know how you did it, that’s when God did it! It’s when God’s grace worked on behalf of you!

3. “Something just told me”

I always hear people say in passing “Something just told me” and I know that, “something” is usually God’s Holy Spirit guiding you and leading you without you being able to comprehend what is really happening around you or in the current situation that you find yourself in.

I heard this story where this guy had heard this “something” tell him not to take a right, instead to take a left . He didn’t take the left at the time and unfortunately he was hijacked on route. However, the guy had realised in hindsight that the “something” was actually God telling him to go the other way and that he would be safe if he had to take the left instead of the right. A painful lesson to have learnt but now He knows that, that “something” is and will always be God.


To hear and to see God in everyday can be compared to slowing down to speed up. It can also be compared to realising and learning that God is always in the little/simple things. He is a God of order and does not over complicate things or overthink things (I am guilty of overthinking things – but We learning to deal with it, its a work in progress!).

Anyway, God Bless and have an awesome rest of the week! Remember, it can only get better as we move forward in all that God has planned for us!



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