Long Post: You’ll Be Okay, I promise 2019

I struggled to name this post but I wanted to write. Sometimes the lessons come from doing the thing you thought you couldn’t do.

Sometimes the lessons come from failing time after time and sometimes the lessons come from being still and surrendering all to God.

In 2018, I dealt with anxiety and a tiny bit of depression. I’ve gone to therapy and you know what I love it! I’m not afraid or ashamed to say it cause you know what you get to talk and talk to a complete stranger about anything and everything.

It’s like talking to God but it’s not Him however He uses the person to work through whatever you need to work through to get you to where He needs you to be . Its preparation for what’s to come because how can He trust you with the hearts of others if what’s hindering you is still on the inside of you.

It’s all about the heart and what He wants for you and others. It’s all about purpose, it’s all about the kingdom. Another thing , I would do anything for God even if it kills my flesh till it’s all gone (Godly principal; the flesh has to die to reveal more of God). I would be obedient even if I have to sacrifice my feelings to see the frustration of my obedience.

2019, is going to be awesome 👏 I can feel it. More Jesus, always more Jesus, more favour , more obedience and of course more unconditional Love for all! Here’s to 2019 , you’ll be okay! It can only get better.

We only move forward and not backwards and when in doubt trust, trust and trust some more! And then Be still so that Jesus can lift you up with His mighty hand!

P.S I wrote this on my phone , apologies for any spelling and grammatical errors 🙂


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