Poem: Me, 2018

Im intrigued, I was fine

I was content, I was sailing in the winds

I was floating on the oceans

You caught my eye but…

I’m me, I’m me, I’m me

Deep and censored

Loving and kind

Adventurous and comical

I was fine, not a care in the world

Love ,is like a sneaky little beast lurking in the shadows of your heart

Just waiting to fill that void that had been reserved

Waiting , waiting , waiting

But is it love ? Hmmm

Just waiting, to catch my breathe

Just waiting, so that my mind can catch up with my heart

But I’m content

But I’m fine

But I missed this…

Love, go back into the shadows of my heart

Like, go back into the void that was filled with content

I cannot unsee, I cannot undo

But I don’t want to unsee and undo

Me, I loose a little bit of me in you

Not sure – if you see it

But you intrigue me inside and out


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