On your knees is where the victory is, 2018

As I start to type this piece, whilst sipping on my rooibos (red bush) tea a thought crossed my mind. There’s something nostalgic about sitting under a blanket and just sipping your tea.

I have Lauren Daigle’s ‘This girl’ blasting in the background as I reflect on what God has communicated to me this morning since I woke up.

As a Christian your position of Victory is always on your knees because on your knees is where you surrender and you saying to God , ‘ Take this burden, take this heart of mine, I believe but please help my unbelief’. For the fight is His alone the only thing you have to do is have Faith in Him and don’t give up.

As someone who has accepted Christ a loooong time ago and who has accepted their God ordained reason why they were made , on your knees is exactly where you want to be. Only God can bring the victory , only God can take you through the darkest of nights and turn it out for your good.

Only God can do what seems to look impossible – all God is saying , remember I-AM-POSSIBLE so why worry ?

On your knees is exactly where you need to be. If you’re struggling feel free to email at tmiblogsite@gmail.com , I’ll reply as soon as I can. Just know that you’re never alone 🙂


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