Why Does God allow bad things to happen?

Sometimes God does things that you don’t have to like but it’s the best thing He could have ever done FOR YOU. That’s right, God does for you and not against you. Most times He teaches you, shows you, His love through it and builds/maintains/refuels your relationship with Him.

Sometimes God makes things happen to prove to you, that He knows you better than you or any other person on this earth. Because only He knows when you truly hurting or what you need in that moment.

Sometimes God makes bad things happen to good people to prove to you that He is all you need. Whether He sends God ordained people to comfort you or tough love or just plain old comfort that’s God, that’s God who orchestrated it all.

Sometimes He makes bad things happen to good people to demonstrate to you that He is for you and not against you. And that He can navigate you through your mess and troubles and still pour His love out through you in whatever situation you may find yourself in.

And sometimes God uses the most unlikely person to provide that comfort you need when your mother, father and friends have forsaken you. God is comfort, God is love and mostly God is everything you need at any given time. Just cry out to Him, be still and patient, just wait for Him patiently and He will show up every single time.

And sometimes it’s not what you had in mind but God will come, and it will be marvelous!

For everything the Lord does is marvelous! – Psalm 139:14

Happy Sunday, folks :)!


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