Age ain’t nothing but a number

*Disclaimer this is a personal post*

I was 29 last year I didn’t think too much of it. You know the famous expression, ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number’ that’s exactly me. Another year more stuff to learn, more stuff to grow in and more importantly a more exciting journey with God to continue.

When people say, ‘I’m getting older’. If you like me I didn’t think much of it until God showed me what that meant. People do it everyday, every year they have birthdays and they get older/adapt to their aging body. When God spoke to me and He said , your only weakness is that you are human.

To me that meant, my skin isn’t going to look like it use to look. I look like and could pass as a 18 year old but my body says otherwise. For example, I need to sleep more, sleeping has become a thing for me . But I only sleep when I’m tired, sleeping is not a hobby although a series day here and there does wonders.

But nobody said anything about regular blood test, blood pressure tests, sugar tests, Pap tests, UTI’s etc.


Long story short, a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for yourself that would include at least 3 days of exercise a week. Learn to eat a ‘soldier’s square meal’ – something like the below picture a little bit of everything, some protein, veg and a little bit of healthy fat.

A soldier’s square meal

A little bit of a spoil here and there won’t kill you. It’s all in the preparation of the meal, healthy fat (coconut oil, avocado oil, Banting cooking oil etc.) or water to cook your food in it. Bake rather than fry. Drink lots of water, at least a liter of water a day and don’t forget to REST this is really important.

Forget about the people, the critics are going to want to have their say whether you like it or not. Remember, you only get one life, this body is more important than people judging you and putting in their 2 cents in wherever they feel the need to.

Long story short, a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for yourself !

And more importantly, trust God and hear what He has to say about diet and your body it’s His temple after all. Just start somewhere, holistic healing takes time.


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