Poem: I wait, 2017

The wait sends me into a flat spin

But it’s God, He does the impossible

It’s God, He carves the fish out of the sea

He makes rivers in the desert

He turns rivers into deserts

So how can I not believe Him

How can I not wait for Him

How can I not believe when I really want to

I’ve seen Him do it before for others

But not for me- not to this extent anyway

How can I not wait , when the maker of the universe says just give me a chance

I can’t feel it, I can’t see it but I trust more

I trust as if my life depends on it which it does

I trust in the stress when stress tries to send me overboard

When it’s so overwhelming or underwhelming- I trust

I trust when He says wait another year

I trust when He says my promises are forever

I trust when I can’t see a way out

His my God, my own personal God

I’ll wait till the floodgates are opened

I wait for Him cause He is God