Dear ‘Old’ Spirited Folks

*Disclaimer, this is an opinion piece.

When your Spirit is old , man please wake up. When you jump up and down about the same old crap, man get with the times. Another, thing DON’T drag me me into your old Spirit things. There’s nothing wrong with old things , vinyls and retro TV games but please acknowledge that you are living in 2017 and not apartheid. Please acknowledge that EVERYBODY is different and EVERYTHING changes all the time. There’s a time and place for everything under the sun. Dear old spirit folk, integrate the old school with the new school to live, love and lead a more fulfilling life.

People were made to do so much more in this life besides choosing to orchestrate their own lives and standard of living. Old spirited folk, stop trying to live in 2017 like it’s the 1900’s. Please adapt , that’s the key to anyone’s survival. I’m begging you, please adapt. Everyone should try to be fluent in adaptation because the world we live in thrives on constant change.

Change is the only constant

Dear old spirit folk, you’ll be okay but maybe just try and live a little more in the now instead of in the past.

P.S I wrote this on my phone, apologies in advance for any spelling/grammatical errors.


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