In case you wondering – people get sick

Hey blog family

This is what I told my instagram family, I wanted to share this with you as well.

This is where I went to, dehydration and bladder infection later with a visit to the emergency care center which was quite pleasant being my first visit to the emergency center of my adult life.

This is to the followers that keep leaving cause someone stops posting online , there is method in God’s madness.

I’ve been in bed recovering since yesterday and one short visit to another doctor cause I decided I needed some sunshine.

I got back by sometime in the afternoon took 2 painkillers for my headache this sent me off to dream land for another2 hours or so.

I have no words relating to this but I’m getting better. I’ll be okay. God’s got me exactly where He wants to me.

P.S I started preaching to my nurse who kept hitting me with negativity which subsequently pushed up my blood pressure cause they gave me meds to get it down. Well at least God knows where my allegiance lies, you can’t tell me I’m getting better and at the same time you being negative. And also they don’t allow bibles into a hospital trauma unit 🤔 The Government and rules – I duno. Isn’t this a freedom of speech thing?

Till next time blog fam, stay safe xoxo

P.s To those of you who are or have been celebrating thanksgiving, a happy one to ya’ll! Apologies, for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in advance. I’m writing this one from my phone.


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