Warning: “ Liars Will get caught!” God sees everything

I feel like I am tormented in a good way, by the way God keeps showing me how frequently people lie. There’s no doubt about it but liars will get caught, God sees everything. They don’t have a tendency to lie, they just automatically lie.  There is no second thoughts to the consequences that could result from lying they just lie left, right  and centre.

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I don’t want people to find out my secret that I know I shouldn’t being doing so I’m just going to lie about it. But God… brings it to light…

People continue to lie even when you tell them that God shows me when people are lying to me. You can’t finger point because then you would be ‘judging’ them. So God says, “Generalise, T maybe they will allow the Holy Spirit to convict them through a generalised approach.” Sometimes they  allow it, BUT most times they don’t. And they’ll just keep lying themselves into a bigger hole than before.

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Before you know it, they’ll even put God into the equation and claim that God is in on the ‘thing that is not a lie’ and when that happens the Holy Spirit pushes me to make certain that the facts of the lie are correct.

And automatically, without thinking the person would say “That’s correct”


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Did you think God didn’t notice, you lying to me?

Do you know His God, did you see what His capable of – hurricane after hurricane

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Here’s the thing, if you’re a liar just know God sees everything and He lets your secrets out to whomever He chooses. And if you know someone that lies, please show them this article – God could use it to help them.

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