Why this is My First Full Length Blog Post For 2017

I remember the day my doctor told me, “Your blood pressure is high, blood sugar levels are fine and all your blood tests are clear. “We not going to put you on medication, just get it down and you’ll be okay. In other words, STOP Stressing…

ME: I’m stressing too much?


I thought the adrenaline keeps you going, the constant up and down.  Here’s why this is my first full length blog post for 2017. I took a quick backward glance at my side projects that took place during the last 6 months of 2017:

  1. Banting, my body cannot handle it but I lost loads of weight but without my body I might as well be dead. Which meant goodbye ‘healthy’ lifestyle, hello actual healthy lifestyle
  2. Entered a writing competition, I entered a pitch fest at Be A Freelance Blogger Blog and I didn’t win but made I made it all the way to drafting stage. This is where they ask you, to draft your full post so that they can evaluate whether it’s good enough to be feature on their blog
  3. Caring too much for other people, this is when you offer people advice that really need it but they decide never to take your advice
  4. Running away from negative people, these are people who choose not to look at life from a positive perspective and just discuss/live out what all the negative voices are saying in their heads instead of fighting negative with positive
  5. I left my Connect Group/Cell group because God said, “Leave my child, all will be revealed soon
  6. I almost left my church because it felt like people were doing church to look cool and not listening to God on what they should be doing in His church
  7. Music, I finally took up music! Sheet music, guitar etiquette, guitar chords and of course YouTube with God as my teacher
  8. Rekindling old friendships which grew into even better friendships
  9. Losing fake friends who had hidden agendas

I narrowed it down to the 10 points listed above and I realised I could possibly be stressed out! Did I mention that I stopped writing for a good few solid months, thanks to WordPress’s regular Stats updates?

Oh! Did I mention how I went from a completely organised perfect blood pressure, blood sugar levels and everything else perfect, individual to an anxiety/panic attack driven individual in 6 months?

But God… was there every step of the way, I remember this one time I said to Him, “Are you trying to kill me” and He said, “No, I’m just growing your trust in me and strengthening you for what’s to come. Just trust the journey”.

He just kept engulfing me with His love, wherever I looked there He was. I just had to do exactly what He said, when He said it and I saw how His beautiful puzzle kept building itself, that puzzle being the last 6 months of 2017.

As a someone who allows God in every area of my life, the last 6 months of 2017 taught me the true meaning of Psalm 84:10 because I wouldn’t want to be anywhere if God is not there.

© 2017 Tiffany M Isaacs All Rights Reserved


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