Poem: Road to New Beginnings, 2017

Everybody is always looking for a the road to a new beginning, below here’s something I wrote about it.

As the waves crash and toil His love is constant
As the foam of the ocean races onto shore, so He races to keep up with us
As the waves splash against the shore, so His love sploshes us
As the barrier keeps the water at bay, so we keep Him at bay

No you cannot enter my relations
There is no room for you in Business
This is my Money, you gave me the Money
But it’s MY MONEY

As the ocean awaits the new tide to come
So He will wait to release the new Hope
For when the time is right
The new tide will come bigger and better than before

As the ocean coughs up the white foam from its gateway
So the new tide will come in the purest white foam you’ve ever seen
It will be unseen, behind the scenes
Out of the ordinary, unexplainable

With every tide, the ocean brings cleansing
And so with every ‘tide’ He will bring new beginnings


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