Love Alone Is Worth the Fight

Imagine there was someone who would fight for you. He would fight with you and for you regardless of the wrong you did or the right you did. The problem is many of us keep missing this person because they cannot see Him. They forget that the events of the Bible were based on true stories and Jesus is not just some old century fictional character. You know when they say the movies is based on a True life event(s), emphasises on the fact that it happened in true life. In the same way that those movies are based on True Life, the story of Jesus is based on True Life events that took place centuries ago.

When I think of Jesus I think that Jesus must have loved His Father very much to stick to his decision to die for ALL people who did not deserve it and that same story is what makes us free today in this time, a few centuries later. Jesus’s Father is God and His Father is our Father and they say God is Love. My only conclusion that I can draw from this is the following, God our Father must have taught Jesus this Great Love that transcends all boundaries, skin colour, status and gender. And if God taught Jesus how to love, God must be waiting to teach us how to love. The story goes as follows; God gave His only begotten Son to save us but just think about it there is a ‘read between the lines meaning’ missing;

Jesus must have loved the human race so much that He chose to stick to His course that God had made Him for and die for us.

Watch this YouTube video that explains this concept in a song, click on the word link and it should take you to the place where you need to be.

Read up on the Scriptures that explain this concept, click on the word link and it should take you where you need to be.

Hope you having an Awesome Sunday Folks!


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