Poem: Cause He loves us, 2016

I won’t let go kid
I got you always
Let my love infiltrate your heart
`Cause I love you kid
`Cause He loves us


What are you waiting for
Keep moving forward
I got you kid
Keep standing your ground
`cause I love you kid


I know I can treat you better
I got you kid
Come to me
Keep moving forward kid
`cause I love you kid


Keep on moving forward
Run into my arms
I’m waiting for you
I can love you better than they can


`cause I’m your Father
Just know that I have always loved you
I will always love you




I got the best life planned out for you

I love you kid
I love you kid
I love you kid

I’ll keep saying it until you hear me

Until you really hear me
Until you start telling people that I am


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