Life With God Is Not A Race

A while ago I had an epiphany; I joined a gym, I cut my hair short and I even got exercise clothes to match. I got some tights which I hate, you know those Lyrica  tights specific for training up your body the one’s you see fitness guru’s wearing on the covers of magazines. I got the gym tour, sorted out the parking issue. I have always had an issue with parking. Parking should be safe and reliable simply put parking bays should be wide enough to enable drivers and their passengers to freely open their doors without knocking the next person’s car but who wants to spend money on parking bays.

I took to  the gym like an ant chasing after its next sugar fix. I was there every Monday night during peak and you know how full the gym can get on a Monday night. I waited with baited breathe for a fresh hygienic treadmill to open up. While I attempted to walk ‘briskly’ on the treadmill overlooking the main pool of the gym it suddenly dawned on me, running on the treadmill is not a race instead it’s more of a journey.  You know walking, jogging and eventually running. In the same way walking with God is not a race it’s more of a training schedule designed to exercise your spiritual muscles. An adventure filled with lots of curve balls, sprint starts, direction changes and victory laps.

Like most things in life what you put in is what you get out of it. To find God with all your heart, you have to seek Him first. If you seek Him without fear and reservation with all that you are everything else will become history. You will find God in the tedious tasks of washing your car or mowing the lawn. The truth is God is in the business of being inclusive rather exclusive.


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