The Lion

I never saw it coming
So sudden what was it?
It was like a magnet
Attracted to the inside
The voice, the sounds
Attraction was not for what lived on the outside
As hard as it was to define
That fire those tactics
Unrestricted, like a drug
But so dangerous that warmth

Indescribable not easy to define
Unbelievably drawn to this
Beg here and there, taunt here and there
But it’s not
It’s just fair play
And then it was gone
Undeniable confusion
Was it something that was said?
But it was play
Play that created havoc
Playful skilful mind-blowing havoc

Fair play the lion was out
The vixen had lost
A defeat worth the thrill
The push of emotion too early
The state of confusion so baffling
Sucked into the trap
Never saw it coming

The prize, the lion

© 2015 Tiffany M Isaacs All Rights Reserved