Soundless peace

How you awake my inner strength
Is it the silence or the quiet with the maker?
The mind as quiet as the night
Quiet so serene
Others enjoy the noise and collaboration
The group think awaken by man
Man that knows no different

Silence is fuel to some
Can you feel it?
The energy awaken by the silence
A pin dropping in the crowd
As deafening it may seem

How glorious you are to the deep thinkers, tinkers, inventors, observers of time
Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Ghandi
And the list goes on
Quiet a requirement of complexity
Why is the world oblivious to see that quiet can govern many?
Reflection, planning, rejuvenation

New York the city that never sleeps
Quiet lost like a calf in the mist
The shepherd hidden by the noise of the world
Peaceful, restful, assurance
Noise is the new chaos

Quiet a peace in the storm


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