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Why distractions could be another form of writer’s block?

The drought was the very worst… and the song continues, it’s a catchy pop song. I was never that person who gets addicted to songs and who goes, “That’s my jam there! Let’s go dance!” This is the first time I sat down to write in such a long time and I start my post off with the lines of a song from Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album, the song’s called Clean. She speaks about being clean once again after so long, I am assuming she’s talking about washing away all the drama in her life and just living. For me the words ‘the drought was the very worst…’ means that the drought of no writing was the very worst. Sure, I wrote poems and a few pieces whilst waiting in queues of people and funny enough I’ve been waiting in way too many queues of late or waiting for people.

I missed it, I missed writing proper amazing and insightful posts about life, experiences or the people who have crossed my path in their special way. The part that I missed the most was that feeling right before you get that idea where you go ‘that would make a great blog post’ and you start playing around with ideas in your head. It wasn’t that I had writer’s block it was that I was just busy, busy with everything other than writing for my blog. I just finished a short story for a South African Short Story Competition, well I am was busy editing it just before I got around to writing this post. Before that I had work, where I am for most of the day doing complex internal auditing activities which I can’t get into too much detail about but all I can say is like writing I still love that part of me. It’s a Wednesday evening, which means that I would have been at gym tonight but I needed a break. I needed a break from all the distractions. My list of distractions are listed below in no particular order:

1989 (Addictive Taylor Swift album – Please note I was not a fan before this album)
Binge watching series
Car stuff

Its bashful and a shame but did I mention that paper and a little notebook works wonders for writing down phrases or a handy app that you can type on from any place and it syncs with the same app on all your electronic devices that you may have this app on. With a little imagination, you can cut out all distractions even if it’s only for a little while and beat the writer’s block so don’t let distractions get in the way of doing what you love to do.

#StayFocused #StayTrue #Humbled


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