How did you creep into my heart?
How do you make my heart skip a beat?
That smile, which escapes your lips


How do you make me so nervous?
It petrifies me
How does your smile make me smile?
Tell me, how do I get your attention?

But you taken

But why do you continue to smile
Continue to glance at me
Is it friendship?
So much effort for a friendship
I tell myself it can’t be

Cause you have a someone

You intimidate me
That smile, the way of your perfect lips
The amazingly breath taking smile
The one that ceases to escape my mind
Damn my photographic memory

Your smirk
The half-smile
It’s not true
It’s nothing, let’s ignore it
It will go away
How long still will this temptation last

The circumstance created
Boom! Like magic

But it’s impossible
Cause you taken