Torturous love of the imagination

How many words should I write?
Before it’s enough to serenade you with my words
Are words enough or actions and words
Confusing and puzzling
Do you notice me?
Do you lie awake a toil and turn
Just thinking about me
Or are we just people in this big bad universe

Pouring out my heart on paper
The best I can do for now
Words fail me, inspiration fail me
But you are an invisible thread tugging at my soul

Toying and pulling at the chambers of my heart
Like a temptation “pick me” “pick me”
But why don’t we speak?
If words fail us what else is there to do?

No temptation to you I will not answer
The wretched thoughts that you display
No you will not enter into my soul
But you’ve already entered like an obsession
That won’t disappear

There I wait for you to move
I will not move
It’s wrong but yet so right
Denial and fear, will strangle you
Fear of rejection painful as death
But yet you are so beautiful

What would I say?

You are so beautiful
Your elegance and style
Your voice, so sleek and so soft to the voices of this world

It’s the imagination, it has to be
Love so magical but yet so torturous


4 thoughts on “Torturous love of the imagination

    1. The concept of love which for the most part has become something that’s been peaking my interests. Love in its many forms and ways that it can creep into every area of the universe.

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