An epistle of love

How do you choose not to feel it?
Not to want to experience it
Something so pure
So real
People strive for it
Chase after it with arms wide open
Some crave it, yearn for it

Others shudder at the thought of it
Duck and dive from it
But turn around and open their souls to the idea of it
To choose not experience it is to die slowly inside
To be empty
To be dead inside

A few have found it early on
Many allow it to consume them
Trapped in this emotion
The hankering for it
Seeking the thrill of the chase
Letting it go once the race has been won

Tormented by feelings
Unpredictable, uncalled for by nature
Hard to find and never fails

Unconditional love
Freely given by He who made the heavens and the stars
Sad but true, some will never know it nor understand it


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