Do you know your worth – Do you know who you are or are you the person that everybody else wants you to be?

This is that dreadful question that comes up all the time. Sometimes I just wish that I recorded myself explaining who I am, not because I don’t know what to say but because I am tired of explaining who I am. Hilarious, you may think but it it’s the truth. The question is the one that haunts some of us, we get asked this question during small talk, speed dating, interviews etc. The question remains do you know who you are or are you the person that everybody else wants you to be?

Are you an artist?

Are you a writer?

Are you a number person?

Are you a singer?

Are you thinker?

Are you a dreamer?

Who are you, be true to yourself and know your worth. Don’t be afraid to step out and find out remember it’s never too late to find out who you are. It will be too late for you, if you never step out and find out. They only way to know what you capable of is to find out what you like and what you don’t like. Give yourself an opportunity to try something new more than once because I can guarantee you that sometimes you may not like something the first time around, you may only like it the second time or even the third time around.


If you already know who you are and you are hiding it – that’s not healthy. It will eat away at you until it affects you physically and mentally. Consider the pros and the cons of your secret but sometimes you just have to close your eyes and take the plunge and say not what you want to say but what you need to say. And then you wait and see how that pans out for, you feel relief and you will also realise that the secret may have been holding you back.

Are you an athlete?

Are you a life coach waiting to happen?

Are you waiting for better?

Are you a dancer?

Are you an encourager?

Know who you are and be true to yourself and you can’t go wrong from there. I repeat know your worth and if you don’t know your worth go on a much needed journey to find out who you are and what you capable of.

#bebrave #knowyourworth


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