When I miss you is not enough

RIP – For my grandparents

To I remember when distance was nothing for you

To walk 2 blocks with your granddaughter

It was nothing even when you could not walk that far

It was nothing to ride a kilometre or 2 just to see how I was

To wrap my foot up in bandage when I sprained my ankle

It was nothing for you


To get me whatever food I wanted was nothing for you

To make me toast and tea

To say come get into my bed

To comfort me when I was no more

I was just a kid but it was nothing for you


To make up songs that stuck

Even as an adult it reminds me of you

‘No hair but the bow is there’

‘Skree die mense van die stage Isaacs’s hulle vag vir jou’

Okay maybe I made up the last one just to tease you


When you told me make your socks right because you could not do it anymore

When I realised my socks were not right the same way you told me your socks were not right

To know that I got a quirk from you, priceless


I miss the way you were always just there

I miss the hugs and the kisses

Yeah, I even miss the kisses

Wish that you could see me now

Hope that I would make you proud

Miss you

Love you always