Do you know your worth – How much are you worth?

They want you to like this and like that, no you should not be doing it like this because this is not the right way. But you say to yourself but what is the right way? Do you ever question why it should be a certain way and not another way…?

I challenge you to be brave and be true to yourself, sometimes it can be difficult most times it is very difficult to break out of this mould that everyone else has built for you; the mould that society, life, the world and even sometimes your upbringing has built for you.

You have to remember He didn’t make you to be what others want you to be He made you in the image of Him, He didn’t even tell you ‘my child you need to be exactly the way I want you to be or else…’ because He knew that you would never be perfect. He knew that you would have weaknesses and His pretty okay with that, you can find this proof in the word that says God loves us unconditionally.



Know your worth and be true to yourself no matter what, it’s the best act of unconditional love that you can show yourself. I am not saying have the attitude of ‘I am living for me and nobody else’ that’s not what I am saying.

You need to love horizontally before you can love vertically. Love God first, yourself 2nd and others 3rd. You have to love yourself first before you can love others and that means being true to yourself first before you can cause that love to flow to others.

Know that you don’t have to be around for someone else’s lack of love or someone else’s need to be in control all the time. You don’t need to be somebody else’s punching bag you are more than that; you are even more than you think you are.



You are an amazing, extraordinary, talented and wise human being. You are not a robot made to fit into this mould called life. You are deeply loved, highly favoured and amazingly abundantly blessed not to forget the most wonderful part of all you are a child of the most high God or higher power which ever you believe in.Be true to who you are and be amazed to see how it works out for you!

#bebrave #knowyourworth


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