Truths about flirting, love and happiness Part 2

Just a recap on my previous post, Why is this little thing we call ‘flirting’ so darn ridiculous? Firstly is it flirting or is it just being friendly?


You don’t know – you have to play it by ear, sight and gut. But most of all don’t be afraid to make a mistake that’s the only way you going to know what works for you and what does not work for you. What about the body language that everybody is talking about; how do you notice the body language when you busy looking at the person’s face?

It’s just complicated; this is why people opt for online dating. You can say and ask what you need to ask without the awkward moments or mix ‘signs’ between the 2 parties you can even check them out and see if you like them before meeting them. But remember online dating has its own pitfalls or remedies for disaster.

If they mention things like:
1. I don’t want drama – they are attracted to drama or they are drama
2. I am not racist but I am looking for Race X – they are being specific
3. I have 3 kids and I am so sick of Gold Diggers – emotionally broken
4. I can’t find love anywhere – Why are you looking for love, you don’t go looking it finds you



This doesn’t go for everyone, sure there are some people who find real love online but it’s all about timing. Is it the right time for you or not? Do you still have more things to learn or are you just going looking for a disaster to happen?

Everybody is always talking about ‘I just want someone to love me’ that’s not the secret to happiness. Remember you have to love the one who created you first, yourself second before you can love others.

How do I get other people to love me?

You don’t – you love others first them until your love over flows onto them and it rubs off onto you and your actions become ‘Do unto others as you would others do unto you’. People forget that everything you do is learning process; you have to learn how to love before you can be loved and that goes for everything else in life.

Learn first, do second.


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