Truths about flirting, love and happiness Part 1

Why is this little thing we call ‘flirting’ so darn ridiculous. Firstly is it flirting or is it just being friendly, where is the line in the sand drawn. Okay I admit it; I totally suck at recognising the signs of flirting. I am just totally oblivious to it.

I see you there, I smile, I greet and I am done with this little social encounter. Most of the time I am praying for a burning bush because I can’t see these ‘signs’ everyone reckons there is. Why can we not just keep it simple?

1. I find you attractive
2. Are you single?
3. Would you like to go out to lunch/dinner with me?
4. And the rest is history



It does not work this way everything has to be a game. Let’s create this little game called ‘flirting’ it’s ridiculous. Just keep it simple and come out and say it or ask it. Questions asked:

1. When is it flirting and when is it just being friendly?
2. When is an eyebrow raise just a friendly gesture?
3. When does a smile become a flirting tool?
4. When is it too much smiling?

Truths about flirting, love and happiness Part 2 to follow…


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