Turn Down For What

Why should you turn down the heat?
Why should we settle for less?
Who are they?
Where is God?

Why should you turn down your dreams and aspirations?
Who’s stopping you?
What’s stopping you?

Should you stop because some say you won’t make it?
Should you stop because others don’t believe in you?
Should you stop chasing your dreams?
Should you allow fear to stop you?

What about the people?
What will the people say?
Who are the people?
Should you worry about the people?
Why worry?

Why should you not be as bold as a lion?
Why should you settle?
For what should you settle?
Why should you not be above average?
Why should you not be who you really are?
Why should you not know your worth?

Turn down for what?

*A bit of a twist to the song, but I was inspired