A letter to His Love – Everything

It’s everything
Your beauty cripples me
It’s the way you walk


The words don’t come out
Palms are sweaty
Heart thumping
Adrenaline rushing


I think it’s my imagination
But your beauty transcends,
Into the heavens
There is no comparison
No words, dumbstruck
Riddled with fear


What do I say?
What do I do?
My hands quiver at the thought of you
How do I sound casual?
I don’t do casual because there are no words


It has to be my imagination
No more smiles
No more glances
It’s nothing, an utter less ball of nothingness


The attention was good
I have never been chased
You chased me even if it were for a sec


The thought of reciprocating the chase
I’m not good at this
Negative thoughts
But your presence cripples every,
Logical thought that comes to mind
Every word, every sentence

You are everything