She stole my friends

I saw a comment from a ‘friend’ of mine:

Why make friends when you can steal friends?

It’s sad to think that someone would want to steal friends but that’s not the part that killed me. It was the part where there person writing the comment publicised the comment on Facebook. There are so many lonely people in this world, so many people that want to be loved, and so many people that want to have friends but can’t make the friends. Why do we as humans tend to have this clique factor? Let’s form a group and nobody else is allowed to be in it unless the ring leader grants permission to do so.

Literally think about it, were a bunch of people hijacked for their personalities and shipped off in a truck marked ‘friends’? Who in the world says their friends were stolen? People are extraordinary creatures, with amazingly complicated personalities. Did one person literally steal a bunch of personalities for themselves?

No, those people made a decision to have more people in their lives in the form of friends and perhaps it was your friends. But my question is why can’t you share friends?

Another thing I don’t understand is when someone says “you know what, I already have enough friends” who says that? How can you have too many friends, you can never have too many friends. You can choose your friends wisely but you can never have too many friends. You have different friends to appeal to your different attributes. I repeat how can you have too many friends and how can you get upset with a person “stealing your friends” I think it’s downright petty and selfish.

Seriously people are committing suicide, shooting up on whomever and whenever because there’s not enough love in this world. You should never turn down somebody without real cause because you don’t know that it took for that person to walk up to you and ask you, do you want to hang out or can we be friends?

Everybody has a story and everybody has a heart, so be kind to everyone that you meet even to the one’s that stole your friends because you don’t know what they’re going through or what it took for them to make that move.

#Friendships #Love #Friends


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