Adoration of Love

Should I rule out this little thing called love?
Perhaps it’s the thing that restricts the unknown
But love conquers all
Love covers a multitude of sin
How do we become this life-less beings?
Motivated by worldly things
New everything
A new life, a new job, a new car, new money
More money

Love hurts; love is the most amazing thing you will experience
But why does nobody love?
Why does nobody care?
But why, do we stop and stare
Love at first site, love at first breathe
But love is wicked

Father where is your love?
Why is your love not saving them?
Save the masses I call out to you
But why are the people not accepting you love?
Why do people stick to what they know and forget about the rest?
It’s the journey, not the outcome

What about new love?
It’s too risky, be cautious, don’t go looking
If you look its wrong
But if you don’t look its wrong
Why does it have to be so complicated?

Why don’t we say what we want to say?
Fear grips our throats like,
The constant tugging of death at the heels of the dead at heart
Is it the fear of the unknown?
Or is it the fear of the known but unseen?


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