The mind is a battlefield

It’s amazing how out of control your imagination can run if you allow it to. The imagination mixed with reasoning and seeing only what the heart wants to see as appose to seeing with the mind can be such a deadly combination. You constantly have to train your imagination and mind to think straight and not assume whatever it wants to think. It’s amazing the imagination can have a will of its own if you allow it. It’s almost torturous if you leave it to do whatever it wants and you add reasoning into that mix it could create so much havoc in your life. We talk about dreaming and dreaming big and bold dreams but I dare you to add reasoning to that it could honestly be the beginning of the end.

The mind is a battlefield; it is truly a battle a constant battle more so for those who live in their heads. It’s one of the most difficult things to conquer as a Christian and as an introvert. Your mind is your hiding place, your safe haven it’s the place where your all dreams are conjured up. But when the devil uses you’re most treasured possession against you, you have to fight back there are no excuses. The devil will use everything, every treasure against you for the benefit of the dark forces. If you have to pray 50 times a day, ask God to rebuke that which is not of His will before you get a rude awakening!

When people say you should be praying through the good and the bad times, the truest story yet. The devil plays on your insecurities, so when you down in the trenches that’s the time you should be aware that his bound to attack you. Best solution to this, take note but stick to the phrase “I am in this world but not from this world” so you see it but don’t allow it to consume you. Stick to your guns no matter what, or just ignore the attack. The best solution you will ever come across. When I say ignore I mean, banish it from your mind and screw the rest unless God gives you a burning bush then you are good to go but until that time just ignore the heck out of it!


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