Re-visiting ‘Writers Block’ with a twist

Ever write and just keep writing until you couldn’t anymore until there was no word left untouched, no theory unexperienced, no thoughts, no phrases left unsaid? If only we could write until our soul bore no more words, no more funny tales, until the mind switched into nothingness.

Words over flowing from the river of the mind, emotions are high; will power is this unwilling well of surging water. When the mind cannot be contained and you cannot concentrate on planning the sequence of your next piece because you’ve suddenly become so distracted by another brilliant idea. Has your mind become too busy to narrow down on one single thought; when all you can think about is what can I say?
What do you?

1. Write
2. Write and
3. Write

You must be thinking, has she gone mental no I haven’t just write until you can’t anymore. Write without the tags, and headlines just write and don’t stop until everything has become a bit clearer. The tags and headlines will come later and that’s the part that involves the most thinking or so I like to think. Make yourself a topic board, so when you down and out and you really can’t think of anything to write about this may help you spark so inspiration to produce an amazing piece.

You can even try the Daily Post’s 365 Daily prompts to speed up your creative process. Why not re-engineer old drafts even better combine two or more old drafts who knows it may help to give you that extra ‘vooma’ to get going. Topic boards help you to focus on one idea at a time without forgetting the other amazing ideas that keep cropping up in your mind’s eye.

But whatever you do, don’t give up and just keep writing!

#Writers #Write


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