Fun-tastic Friday

Let’s make this a Fun-tastic Friday let loose your alter ego the cheerful one the one who knows when to laugh and when to smile just because she can. Yes, you I am talking to you. Try it its good for you, like laughter is great medicine for the soul. I’m not saying let loose and forget all your responsibilities, what I am saying is that its okay to laugh and to toss a paper or two into your office dirt bin and pretend you’re in the NBA.

Is there such a word as “fun” in your dictionary?

Smile a while and give your face a rest, its okay to do that to. It’s even greater to bring a smile to someone else’s face by acknowledging them whilst walking on the street. No need to have these utterly sour facial expressions. Why not smile away, like you have no care in the world for a minute or 2.

How about that?

I dare you to sing at the top of your lungs in the comfort of your car and be one of those people the next guy looks at and shakes his head as if you are crazy. It doesn’t matter what you singing along to so long you singing and having fun.

Is that all you made of?

Race your kids to the yard, invent a new game to play with your kids, race the dog along the beachfront, play some practical jokes on your mates whatever you conjure up don’t forget to have FUN. If you experiencing sadness stress worry or nerves then that’s not the right fun filled activity for you.

Have a Fun-tastic Friday!


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