How to get over the “Writers Block” syndrome

Writers block is a subject that is googled searched more than any other subject, how do you get past writers block, how to avoid writers block, techniques in fighting writers block etc. Sorry to burst your bubble but the solution lies within you, every tool you will ever need to fight it lies within your soul your very being.

If you serious about writing just get over the fact that you are not sure about whether you can write or not write, build a bridge and get over it. If you are a writer you will feel it in the pit of your soul, in the core of your being and you will not doubt it.

The only things that may make you doubt your writing ability is:

1. Laziness, procrastination and passivity

“I don’t feel like writing today. I will write to tomorrow because I am tired” Just write like I said before your writing is not going to be good every day, you have to keep at it “Practice makes perfect”.

2. Excuses

“I am too tired.” Go home and go sleep, take a power nap and get up and write because that is what it’s all about.

3. Distractions

Find out what distracts you the most, for me it’s everything that I find interesting. Everything that stimulates and motivates me to do better for e.g. research, series, books etc. Maybe not series but its entertaining!

4. Listening to the negative voice

When you hear words such as “You will never make it” “You don’t know how to write” “You are not a writer”. Press “delete” and delete the negativity and replace it with positivity, “You can do this” “It will work out and you will succeed!”.

Writing is an art you have to free your mind to release the inner artist in you. So you may not be all colourful and arty but writing is an art. It is your passion, the blank page is your canvas and you the Writer are the artist. Find your creative “hotspot”, that thing or things that release your urge to write. My “creative” hotspot is the sea. I love the sea, the sounds it makes, the way it makes you feel and its magnificent beauty.

You have to believe, believe, believe and more believing to make it work. Say it to yourself “I am a Writer!” “I am a Writer!” “I am a Writer!”, fake it till you become it. You have to have vision, vision and more vision you have to envision where you want to be. Put steps in place to produce this vision and take your foot off the breaks and go for it. Writers block is a syndrome because it is a syndrome it’s all in your mind; you have to free your mind from the hidden blockades of the mind!

A positive mind moves mountains!

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