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I love bikes – but the road rage!

I love bikes, not bicycles but motorbikes. I am a fan of them, I am not like those hate driven people out there that say things such as, “I freaking hate bikes, they just annoy me!” definitely not one of those. They share a big part in my heart their roaring engines along with their brilliant paint jobs. Biker Rally’s and events there I am for the love of the bikes!

Don’t ask me the in depth detailed technical questions but sure enough I can tell you the difference between a Kawasaki, Honda and BWM motorbike. I even use to have the Think Bike sticker on my car. By now you know I have an appreciation for motorbikes and bikers.

Then the dreadful incident happened, this morning at 6:30 in the pitch black dark I was driving along merrily on my way to work. I easily connected onto the highway, it was clear where I needed to connect from the slip road into the nearest lane but this being @CapeTown this is the lane where the drivers drive like they are “driving Miss Daisy” just because they can.

I do all the checks, all my mirrors and I switch lanes making it into the next lane and there in front of me is a motorbike. I have no idea where he came from, absolutely no idea he doesn’t have a reflective jacket on absolutely nothing! He revs his engine mind you I didn’t knock him, he slows down. I was in shock because where was he I didn’t even see him and before I could say sorry; what does the guy do he pulls up next to my window and starts shouting, “Stop the car!” .

I don’t look at him; God is so good! I was so calm no words uttered from my mouth not even a facial expression. Obviously I didn’t stop the car I drove on, he swerves in front of my car forcing me to go 20 Km’s in an 80 Km zone but this doesn’t even bother me. The biker decides this is not rattling her let me drive along the side of her car again and lightly tap her car door and starts shouting again, “Stop the car!” My reaction:

He swerves in front of my car again forcing me to drive even slower. At this time I am thinking, dude I can do this all day but I am not stopping. He looks over his shoulder again and thereafter speeds off between the seas of cars in the 6:00 am traffic.

To That Biker

I love you guys, really I do and I love what you stand for but seriously road rage! I made a mistake no doubt about that and I sincerely apologise for the incident. I acknowledge that you would be enraged but common sense goes a long way. Reflective jackets are there for a reason and emergency lights are there for a reason. So, it’s not cooler than your off cut or your jacket but can you put them on it helps when it’s dark, in the rain or in the mist.

Thanks, Road Rage Victator

#RoadRage #BikerRage #Motorbikes

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