Busting the “TO-DO” list Myth

Some say to do list work while others say they don’t work that’s the controversial matter that has been told worldwide. I was asked by a friend to do a piece on “To Do” list. “To do list don’t work for me”, that was my response to her bizarre request. Making lists are a common trait amongst introverts so they should come naturally but that is not the case for all. Making a “to do list” is beneficial because you have a set structure to limit yourself which will in turn have an adverse effect on your abilities you may want to review “The Weird Strategy Dr. Seuss Used to Create His Greatest Work (And Why You Should Use It Too)” by James Clear . You should prioritise your items from most important to trivial on your list and this should keep you from accomplishing the most important/deadline driven items first as appose to later.

Why people make “To-Do” lists

1. Time Management
2. To ensure that nothing is left out
3. Procrastination (A list to stop you from doing what you supposed to be doing)

            Even Mickey thinks its hilarious
            Even Mickey thinks its hilarious

I don’t make to “To- Do” list, I make a weekly list, goals for the week work better than monthly goals or yearly goals. Baby steps work better; it creates less pressure which means more creativity. And you will get all your goals completed for the week if you make your time work for you. Time management is ideal in the quest to complete all your goals. Develop Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Timely (SMART) goals.I make lists because a list is my way of creating a plan, there is some sort of structure but it does not limit me.

Making a “To Do List” can be good or bad whichever you decide really it’s up to you. You may want to try it first before you completely write it off; to see whether it works for you or not. Thereafter, work out a full proof way to make it work for you and schedule.

Some great material to look into, which may help you to make a decision:

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3. 9 Habits of Productive People

4. Undo your To Do List habit

5. Why “TO –DO” lists Don’t Work, and How to Change That

#TruthAboutTo-doLists #Truth #Myths

Authored By: Tiffany Isaacs


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