Failure or are YOU just not trying?

As I stare at the blank page and sip on my cup of filter coffee I think about writers block. What is writers block? When you can’t think of a single idea to write about or the latter when you have so many ideas pouring out of every crevice of your being and you can’t focus on one particular idea.

Sophia Lizard of puts it simple step up and step out and be a darn good freelance writer or step down and agree that freelance writing has whipped your ass. I read one of her posts “Why You Should Step the F*ck Up to Be a Freelance Blogger” some may feel intimidated by it but I agree with her if you want something bad enough and you want it to be successful you have to put your whole being into it.

In the case, that your idea fails at least you know you tried your best to make it work for you and you have no regrets. No pressing thoughts ringing in your mind of “I should have done more of this and less of that”. None of that just utter peace and tranquillity. For successful people, mistakes are merely milestones to victory you have to learn from your mistakes. Many of times your mistakes position you into something better than you could have ever imagined. Step out and find out and the rest is history. No more excuses, just be put your head down and work. Work with the end in sight or work with how you want to feel at the finished line. There are literally no excuses, there are so many great blog sites to follow who offer you support on how to be a better writer:

I have spoken about fear, determination and adversity before but it’s a subject worth pursuing again and again.

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Authored By: Tiffany Isaacs


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