C’est la vie

Frank Sinatra has a track by the name of “That’s Life” it’s amazing how many times I’ve heard this phrase. People usually use these words when their lives are in the process or are already falling apart.

How do you allow someone, people to mess with your future? Is it something you planned to happen or is it a result of a few ill choices in life. Another thing how do people ruin other peoples futures; is it planned, revenge or has it come to a stage where this is exactly what they need to do to get to the top. The top being everything they decide is vital in their life, this could be influenced by their upbringing, the people around them or the person they inspire to be. I ask myself everyday how these people live with themselves. Is it something that comes to you so naturally that you don’t even know that you doing it. Or is this just the way life is?

I had a conversation with a guy today, I thought that he was younger than me but turns out his 2 years older than me. He said to me, “Why is it that there is just certain people that just gets it all in life, they get the best of everything”. I replied, “How do you know that they getting the best?” You will never know if someone is getting everything they want because they may be lacking something that you don’t have. For example happiness, family, friends, a sense of humour etc. It could be argued that this is just the way life is?

They will get their turn; the arrogant fool that gets away with murder, the sponger who smooches off everyone, the great pretender, the one that sucks up to everyone that has authority, the one that feels the need to point out all your flaws and insecurities and the one that “puts you on spot.

Patience is a virtue, the wheel will turn and all the wrong will be brought into the light and the righteous will once again shine. Do we say that’s life?

No, that’s the power of the God!

Authored By: Tiffany Isaacs

#NeverGiveUp #God #Conquer


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