God, Poetry

The Frustration Test

Murderess is the mood
Frustration having a mind of her own
Drawing circles around and around in her mind
Like a little girl’s chalk drawings on the ground
Roadblocks whichever way she goes


A scream escapes from her mouth but nothing comes out
Trapped by frustration
A confliction of thoughts
She wants to run but she’s not a coward
To rise above but He keeps pulling her down


She tries to solve the problem
But she’s tried everything
The Question is does it need solving
Should she wait and be patient
Because she knows this too shall pass or


Her heart is sad
Tears escape the threshold of her mind
The dreaded question escapes her soul
When Lord When
But she knows when His time is right


Filled with melancholy
She utters, Father I trust you

#Frustration #God #Poems

Authored By: Tiffany Isaacs


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