Spiritual Warfare – Positivity vs Negativity

Focus just focus, you got this
It’s so quiet – brilliant!
Work and more work
Okay, getting somewhere now
One step at a time, a logical flow
Logical steps to get to the outcome

The others are done
The question is how “done” are they?
80%, 100% or 110%
No, don’t compare yourself to them
You work for God
Focus, you can do this

Ah, my familiar friend has come to visit, the noise
The people keep staring
No, don’t compare yourself to them
None of them, none of it, none of the noise matter
Like water seeping through a tiny little hole threatening to create havoc
So the negative thoughts start to seep through the walls of my sound mind

No, no Go Away Satan!

Focus, His got you
Mid day arrives
I hear the clatter of the people, what’s for lunch?
Can’t stop now, almost there

A hour or two later, a smile erupts from the corners of my mouth
It is done, complete and it makes sense
My masterpiece created for you, oh Father
Thank you for your strength for carrying me through it all!

– A Positive Mind moves Mountains


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