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What the world does not see – Thee Introvert Ideal

We live in an extroverted idealistic world. Where we think in groups, participate in groups, work in teams, take lunch together with others, work in open plan offices for cost savings, we have lift clubs to and from work, University classes are over 200 students per class and the list goes on. What about those introverted people, the people who favour “alone time”, the people who draw into themselves to become more energised, the people who are mostly seen as “shy” when in fact most are not shy but have been told frequently that they are shy or they are too quiet. What about those people?

The world sees being introverted as bad because they are not like the extroverted ideal. But the world doesn’t necessary think that:

1. Introverts are the master planners

Introverts take into account every single little detail that they can conjure up and implements steps that are able to solve most pitfalls and gaps to the tenth degree. If you want perfect and detailed planning an introvert is what you need. More detail on planning (Refer to my post on Planning for the faint hearted?).

2. Introverts are master strategizers

If you want a foul proof strategy asks an introvert to do it. If an introvert is passionate about the concept and knows that you are willing to listen to them they will develop a master strategy that will out run all your competitors. Introverts have the ability to concentrate immensely for hours on end, at first they don’t talk about it to others they literally sit and think about it. Some may write, draw, and talk out loud to see the bigger picture. Once all the thinking is done, they will talk about it.

3. Introverts are master creators!

Whatever their passion, they have the ability to become a master at transferring fresh ideas into a new creation that they world is yet to see. They are the developers, the computer nerds, the tech nerds, they one’s that are seen as different to the world we live in.

Where would the world be without introverts?

No fiction books, majority of authors are introverts. Why would I say this? Introverts are the dreamers of the world; they are the engineers, the authors, the inventors, the deep thinkers. Introverts have the ability to enter into a world which is not seen by the extroverted world (the world we live in) and create masterpieces in any shape, form or size. They are the graphic designers, the artist and the financial advisers.
Without introverts there would be no Facebook, no Harry Potter, no Dr Seuss, no Microsoft , no google , no apple computers and the list goes on.

Please note this post was not written to paint a picture that illustrates that introverts are better than extroverts. I still believe there should be a balance between Introverts and Extroverts. Introverts are not perfect, but give us a chance and just maybe give us the respect we deserve. Let’s face it, introverts are one third to half of the world’s populations.

And introverts sometimes its okay to stand up for yourselves and for others like yourselves. Hope this helps to give you some more insight into introversion.

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