Back to Basics – For the not so tech savvy

This post marks the beginning of a series of posts about all things technology; cellphones, computers, social media, gaming and the list goes. Discussions will cover simple tips, common things that you ought to know to, how to guides etc.

This week will cover a few common things you ought to know.

1. What’s App Chat Application

It’s called “What’s App” and not “What’s Up”. This is a “chat thingy” as most people tend to say that allows you to send messages to others from your very own cellphone and vice versa. The application (app) is available on most tech savvy devices; check the What’s App website for device compatibility. The website tells you which devices will be able to download the trendy application categorized per device make and model.
Another fun fact that most people may overlook the app does not have much privacy.

Those people who have your cellphone number and have also downloaded the app will be able to view your profile and send you messages. Keep in mind you are able to block those unwanted What’s App contacts who have invaded your personal space. These may include Gumtree replies as well as telemarketers, which could be called “What’s App” Marketers.

2. There’s a app for almost everything

There is app for almost everything. Your service provider has a problem allowing you to run the USSD code to enable your cellphone banking what ever will you do? Look no further there are cellphone banking apps that perform the same functions as cellphone banking, some features of the app of even better than USSD cellphone banking interface. However, not too sure how safe these are but you’re welcome to try it.

App range from various music app’s to money management and even weightless apps that coach you into eating healthy and following a daily exercise plan. You may try “Noom Fitness Coach” through the Google Play Store *Wink Wink. Some apps are free while others you may need to pay to be able to enable the special premium services offer by the developer of the app.

3. Facebook

Facebook is another “chat thingy” that allows you to send messages to other Facebook users. You can also post pictures of yourself and the activities you get up to. It’s about connecting with people past, present and future. Facebook is available on the internet (desktop view) as well as tech savvy devices with via a Facebook app.

There is also a Facebook Chat app which allows you to chat with your Facebook friends. Facebook can also be called “Spybook” people often use the social media platform to do research about you. Fear not though as unlike What’s App Facebook has a few privacy settings that can be duly adjusted to your desired privacy level hence you can set how much of your Facebook profile can be viewed online and who will have access to view your profile etc.

Follow the links for more information. Keep on; keeping on you will eventually get it.



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